Kolmanskop Ghost Town

Kolmanskop (Afrikaans for Coleman’s hill, German: Kolmanskuppe) is the most unique and best preserved diamond ghost town in Africa. It is located in the Namib Desert, 10 kilometres inland from Lüderitz. It was named after a transport driver named Johnny Coleman. Once a small and very wealthy mining village, it is now a popular tourist destination. In 1908, the first diamond was found here and soon after the German Government declared a large area as a “Sperrgebiet” (forbidden area) and started to exploit the diamond field.

Driven by the enormous wealth of the first diamond miners, the residents built the village in the architectural style of a German town, with amenities and institutions including; a hospital, power station (in Lüderitz itself), school, bowling-alley, theatre, restaurant and sport-hall, ice making factory and the first X-Ray station in the southern hemisphere, as well as the first tram in Africa!

Kolmanskuppe also had a railway link to Lüderitz. The mining activities declined after World War I and were ultimately abandoned in 1954. The harsh geological forces of the Namib Desert continue to bury some of the houses in sand and provides for a wonderful experience/tour.

Two daily guided tours are on offer: 09.30am and 11.00am. On Sundays and Public Holidays one tour is conducted at 11.00am. Hotel guests and other visitors who have pre-booked and paid for a tour at the hotel, will depart from the hotel 20 minutes before tour is due to take place.

Please take note: All hotel guests and other visitors are required to purchase an entry permit at the entrance gate to Kolmanskop Ghost Town. Hotel guests and other visitors travelling in their own vehicles to Kolmanskop Ghost Town, will be asked to provide their vehicle registration number and other details at the entrance gate.