Bogenfels is a location directly on the Atlantic Ocean to the south of Lüderitz in the Namib Desert. Bogenfels is noted for its natural rock formations (hence the name, which means “arch rock”). The main formation is a spectacular 55 metre high arch formation, the highest in southern Africa.

This special 4 x 4 full day guided tour will take you into the “Sperrgebiet National Park”, where limited diamond mining activities (not seen or accessible) are still taking place. You will travel through breathtaking desert landscapes with an incredible variety of desert succulents – many of these Namib Desert succulents found here are unique to the area. This area is considered one of the top *succulent regions* in the world!

The tour includes a visit to the ghost diamond factory and town of Pomona where some of the mining equipment dating back to the early 1900s is still reasonably well preserved. The visit to Pomona feels like a journey into the past – when the Germans discovered diamonds in this area, with harsh living and extreme working conditions.
To go on this exclusive tour, a special entry permit is required by all tour participants. A valid passport copy with clear photograph and tour date must be sent to COASTWAYS TOURS with a minimum period of 10 days before tour departure.

For further information and tour rates: E. [email protected]