Lüderitz Town Tour

Lüderitz, originally named Angra Pequena in 1488 by the Portuguese explorer Bartholomeu Dias, began its life as a trading post with other activities in fishing and guano-harvesting. In 1883, Heinrich Vogelsang (German) purchased the town and surrounding land on behalf of a wealthy German called Adolf Lüderitz from the local Nama Chief, Captain Cornelius Fredericks. In 1884, Angra Pequena was re-named Lüderitz. In 1909, after the discovery of diamonds in nearby Kolmanskuppe (Coleman’s Hill), Lüderitz enjoyed a sudden and massive surge of prosperity.

A drive through town, seeing buildings designed and constructed in the German colonial era (1890s) and the infamous *Sand Hotel* in *Area 7* as well as the fishing factory route are included on this interesting tour. The historically rich and poignant *Shark Island* will be a stopping point.

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